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¡Mi Padre Tenía Razón!

I always like to do a little something on the anniversary of my father's birthday, and this time it is particularly special as I advance into full-blown parenthood with a toddler. On this 79th birthday anniversary it occurred to me that yes, my father was right about a lot of things. I guess part of the irony of life is that you don't appreciate or understand something until its too late to thank that person who tried to instill the wisdom in your heart and mind, but it's also reassuring as I see my little one start her journey and begin to want to do things her way even if she ends up getting some bumps and bruises along the way. For instance today she was playing on her toddler playground set and she was not quite sure how to get up the steps to go down the slide. When I tried to help her she pulled away and swatted at my hand, and ended up straddling the slide side ways, unable to go up or down. After I helped her down I found myself smiling and it instantly reminded me of one of the last tines I saw my dad well. It was right before he left my driveway to return home and I was irritated about something and I remember getting angry and possibly looked a lot like my toddler in the process. After my display (adult tantrum), my dad kind of leaned his head back and smiled as if he were saying, "I understand where you are right now and it's ok. You'll get there." At first I was a little shocked and then annoyed and then felt bad, though it was not because of what he did it was because his calm response made me realize that I was wrong. Now whenever my little one wants her way I try to take a deep breath and smile. Interestingly even at her young age she looks at me a little confused, as if she understands that I'm not angry with her but she doesn't quite understand why. Yes dad was right about a lot of things, and I hope one day my little girl will say the same thing about her mom.

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