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78th Birthday Anniversary

Remembering Dad

This brick memorial was placed by Gerard's eldest son, in the garden of the Church of the Little Flower in Coral Gables, Florida. Though his children are spread out all over the world, they take the time to connect with one another to share memories and  make new ones.


Below is a poem written by one of his children who recently had a daughter named AnnMarie, who was given the middle name "Raphalea", the female version of Gerard's middle name, "Rapahel". The acrostic poem below is a tribute to Gerard's fondness of the poetic style he often used, and is written in Spanish, one of the many languages he mastered. His daughter is still learning the Spanish language so please forgive the beginner mistakes! 


We hope that every person visiting this site enjoys his music, and reading about his life, and takes the time to embrace their own loved ones today and everyday.


Recuerda tú abuelo, su voz y su sonrisa

Antes que naciste él vivió un vida increíble 

Port-au-Prince él era de-- 

Haiti llamaba "patria mia"

Artista, músico, escritor--un clásico atemporal

El amor era su misión, y el

Legado dejaba para sus niños

AnnMarie, siempre entienda que tú eres su nieta y nuestro futuro


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